Agency for Acreditation of Health Care Institutions in Serbia

Agency for Acreditation of Health Care Institutions in Serbia

Three day workshop for Lead Surveyor Training in Valjevo, May 10-12, 2010.

Twenty lead surveyors of health care institutions throughout Serbia, employees of the Agency for accreditation of health care institutions of Serbia and employees of the Ministry of Health Project “Establishment of the Public Agency for Accreditation and Continuous Quality Improvement of Health Care in Serbia”, funded by the EU participated in the three-day training program.

During the three-day program a series of lectures on accreditation of health care institutions were held, with emphasis on external assessment during the accreditation visit and also report writing.

On the first day participants were welcomed by Dr. Ilija Tripković, director of the Health Centre Valjevo. After that Dr. Snezana Manic, director of AZUS, Ms. Marija Mitic, Senior Professional Associate for Accreditation Standards of the AZUS and Dr. Charles Shaw, International Accreditation Programme Expert engaged by the Project held lectures. Afternoon workshop was related to the review of self-assessment, identifying focus areas, and reviewing of the Surveyors Handbook.
On the second day participants divided in teams for the mock survey visit. After visits to certain departments of the Valjevo Health Care Centre and Valjevo Hospital, surveyors held an interview with the management of these institutions. In the afternoon session teams summarized information gained through visits, and during interviews with management. At the end of the day there was a workshop for report writing.

On the third day teams gave their comments and recommendations for the evaluated standards in writing. Аfterwards, presentations were held by Ms. Marija Mitic, AZUS, concerning the review of new standards for pharmacy, laboratory and diagnostic radiology and Dr. Snezana Manic, director of AZUS, who spoke on the future activities related to the education of lead surveyors.

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